A Variety of Hard Drives Enclosures

USBNow is a big supplier of HDD Enclosures (or ‘Caddys’ which they are also known as) but what makes us great is our huge selection. We stock some of the best solutions for your old/disused internal hard drives or CD/DVD rom drives. We also offer Hard Drive Enclosures in a host of different sizes. So what’s the size for you? Well, that depends entirely on the hard drive of course! From as little as £7.99!

Choose from the following:

1.8 and Hard Drive Cases
1.8″ Hard Drive Cases
2.5" Hard Drive Cases
2.5″ Hard Drive Cases
3.5" Hard Drive Cases
3.5″ Hard Drive Cases
5.25" Hard Drive & Optical Drive
5.25″ Hard Drive & Optical Drive
IDE & SATA Cable Kits
IDE & SATA Cable Kits
Portable Hard Drives
Portable Hard Drives
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