Great Customer Response to our USB to IDE and SATA Adapter

Our incredibly handy and easy to use USB to IDE and SATA adapter continues to get a great response from customers. Of course if your PC has just crashed and you need to recover data from the Hard Disk Drive in the PC its understandable that you’re going to be thankful of a solution, particularly one that is relatively inexpensive and supports all types and sizes of hard disk drive.

Here’s some actual customer comments on the USB to IDE and SATA cable Kit (Product number: 52 and model VE328)

  • “excellent excellent excellent he best thing i have bought”
  • “Fantastic product, laptop video card errors rendered it unusable and needed urgent access to data on the SATA hard drive. Easy to use and highly recommended. :-)
  • “Works well on 2 of my old drives, 2 which are *really* old dont respond, but very pleased overall. Allowed my laptop to clean a multiple virus infection on a friends drive!”
  • “Took the HD out of the failed Maxtor External Drive box, Hooked it up and ‘Hey Presto’ recovered all my early Digital Family Photo’s etc. I thought I’d lost. Much cheaper than a data recovery service and not too difficult to use if your machine is out of waranty and you don’t mind taking things apart. I didn’t get all my files back due to some corruption (which is almost inevitable with a drive failure) but by far the majority. Wish I’d bought it a year ago.”

If you do need to recover data from a hard disk drive then this adapter kit is what you need.

USB 2.0 IDE & SATA Cable (with Power Supply) USB 2.0 IDE & SATA Cable (with Power Supply)

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