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Satzuma – Some sweet new stock!

Friday, December 4th, 2009

Christmas is almost upon us all and the time in which to order online is getting nearer. Beat the rush and get them wrapped up early! Spend over £30 and delivery is FREE or if you don’t quite make the mark then we’ll only charge you a mere £1.95 anyway.

If nothing takes you fancy, then head over to the Stocking Fillers category… You’ll be sure to find that ideal gift. As well as this we’ve put together a Gifts for Him and a Gifts for Her section full of perfect for that loved one.

Gifts for Him
Gifts for Him
Gifts for Her
Gifts for Her

Lots of new stock arrived today. We’ve taken order or Satzuma products before, but these are something else…

Satzuma USB 2.0 Diamante Mouse

Satzuma USB 2.0 Diamante Mouse
Doing a lot of shopping over the internet this Christmas? Then get this Diamante Mouse and surf in style!

As the packaging states… “A girl’s best friend”. They are of course not real diamonds but they sure do bling! The mouse is completely covered in pink and white diamonds. More importantly, it’s comfortable to hold in your hand and great for everyday use! An ideal Stocking Filler or gift. Brings a glimmer of hope to those of you who’s workstations are a little dim and depressing.

More info

Satzuma USB Mousepad Calculator with 2.0 Hub

USB Mousepad Calculator with 2.0 Hub
You’ve seen mouse pads before, sure you’ve also seen calculators too… But not this one!

Very nifty USB calculator that doubles as a mousemat and a 4-Port USB 2.0 hub! You’re in no danger of accidentially pushing buttons whilst your mouse is in full flow over it’s smooth plastic body, they are pressure sensitive you see. Great for Stocking Fillers or for that person in your life that’s terrible at basic math and just can’t pry him/herself away from the computer.

You’ll find the full speed 2.0 USB port on the back and out of the way, this eliminatesthose messy cables hanging about.

More info

Satzuma Aqua 4-port USB 2.0 Hub & Phone Holder

Aqua 4-port USB 2.0 Hub & Phone Holder
Running out of desk space? Combine a place for you phone, extend those USB ports for ease of use and enjoy this novelty aqua hub/holder!

These 4 port USB hubs come with fish floating in or on their own little pond. But if you thought that was special enough in itself you thought wrong, yes siree. Because the Aqua USB Hubs also work as pen holder or mobile phone holders. It’s almost more excitement than one person can take. – seriously though a great little USB hub thats a little different!

More info

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Looking for Branded Memory Sticks

Wednesday, December 2nd, 2009

If you are looking for some branded memory sticks for your school, univerisity of company then remember that our sister company USB2U specialize promotional and printed USB memory sticks and other USB items.

USB2U has been supplying branded memory sticks since 2003 and is now one of the leading suppliers in the UK. They offer a free design, free mock up service coupled with fast lead times and very competitive prices.  Whilst most of our customers are in the UK we have supplied branded memory sticks all around the world and we’re happy to manage the logistics on behlaf of our customers.

Other services include Free Pantone matching of the memory sticks body shell, data loading, and the supply of lanyards, boxes and other accessories such as keyrings and clips.

To see the full range of branded memory sticks availble from USB2U check out our website;

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Recovering data from an IDE Hard Drive or SATA Hard Drive

Wednesday, December 2nd, 2009

If you’re looking to recover or transfer data  from/ or to an old IDE Hard Drive or SATA Hard Drive (or for that matter a new Hard Drive) then there are a number of options available to you and all of them are pretty easy to use:

For ease you can think about the options in 3 separate groups:

  1. Disk Drive Enclosures (also know as Drive Caddy’s)

    These are excellent because not only do they offer physical protection to the Hard Drive that’s installed in the enclosure but they really do breath new life into any old Hard Drive that you might use in them (you can of course use new Hard Disk Drives as well). The smaller HDD enclosures typically come with a protective wallet, which makes them ideal to take with you as a portable back up.

    All Hard Drive enclosures come with leads to connect the caddy to the PC and some will offer multiple connection options e.g. USB, Firewire and increasingly eSATA.

    The only real downside of the Hard Disk Enclosures is that they are not designed for “popping” hard drives in and out quickly. With HDD enclosures the HDD is held in place with screws and typically the enclosure is screwed together.  So, if you’re an engineer or you test lots of different hard drives then the cable or docking station options might be a better bet.

  2. Disk Drive Docking Stations:

    Hard Disk Drive Docking Stations are relatively new to the market but they have proven an instant hit with technicians and engineers alike. They’re popular because if you have lots of Hard Disk Drives that you need to test/check or that you want to recover data from then a docking station is quick to use. The Hard Drives simply “push in” to the docking station, no screws or connections to mess with and as a result in a matter of seconds you can be backing up or recovering data or just checking the that Hard Drives work.

  3. USB to IDE & SATA HDD Cable Kits:

    The most popular product for recovering data from Had Disks drives is a universal USB to IDE/SATA Cable Kit. This kit is supplied with all of the cables and a Power supply unit to enable you to connect pretty much any Hard Drive to a PC via USB 2.0. The kit support hard drives from Laptops (2.5″ HDD’s) and hard drives from Desktops (3.5″ HDD) and it will support both common types of hard drives; IDE/ATA and the newer standard SATA (Serial-ATA) Additionally these kits work on all the obvious operating systems including VISTA.

A few things to remember when using these Hard Drive enclosures, docking stations and USB cable kits:

  • If you are using a 3.5” IDE  HDD then the Hard Drive will need to be set to “master” on the jumper settings.
  • The HDD ideally needs to be formatted to NTSF or FAT32 and with data already pre-loaded (New HDD’s will need to be formatted and allocated before use)
  • Connect the power supply before you connect the other cables

Finally connect to PC…on some occasions it might be necessary to re-boot

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USB Snowmen – only £4.99

Wednesday, December 2nd, 2009

Our USB Snowmen are going fast and we’re a little concerned we’re not going to have enough stock for everyone that wants one this Christmas. Its no surprise really as the cute little Blue USB Snowman is adorable.  You have the choice of a musical or non musical version (don’t worry the music is just a nice melody of Christmas tunes and at the touch of a button you can turn the music off), he “glows” when connected to your PC and he does not need any batteries!

Be the envy of your colleagues in the office or if you’re feeling generous why not buy one of our Office USB Decoration packs and hand a few around – you’ll save a few pounds and make some freinds on the way and its a much better idea than Christmas cards!

USB Snowman USB Snowman

USB Musical Christmas Tree & Snowman Bundle USB Musical Christmas Tree & Snowman Bundle

Christmas USB Non-Musical Bundle Christmas USB Non-Musical Bundle

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USB Fairy Lights – Only £4.99

Wednesday, December 2nd, 2009

You’ve gotta get yourself a set of these USB Fairy Lights. They look fantastic and will make you the envy of your colleagues/freinds. They are USB powered, they have a nice gentle glow and change colour. Ideal for putting around your monitor or desk.

Our USB Fairy lights are now only £4.99 or better still buy our popular Festive “desktop” pack and get a USB Christmas Tree and USB Snowman to go with the USB Fairy Lights!! – this terrific value pack is only £11.99

USB Fairy Lights USB Fairy Lights

Christmas Desktop Lightup Package Christmas Desktop Lightup Package

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TP-Link – No.1 Share Holder now with Top class Support

Tuesday, December 1st, 2009

You may not be fully aware of TP-Link but they are huge, so much so as they are the No.1 market share holder of networking products in China. Their product range is available in over 50 countries and reach tens of millions customers.


Committed to powerful R&D, effective production and strict quality management, TP-LINK continues to provide award-winning networking products in Wireless, ADSL, Routers, Switches, Media Converters and Network Adapters for Global end-users.


By Award winning we mean they have a whole host of awards from Science & Technology and Education bodies to commercial and consumer magazine’s such as PC Magazine and PC User.

Goliath, a distributer in the UK for TP-Link products have anounced it’s partnership with the Chinese firm to offer dedicated support lines for TP-Link products.

USBNow customers can now benefit from quick and friendly advice over the phone. We here at USBNow are positive you’ll enjoy your TP-Link product(s) and be up and running without so much as a glitch, however should you have issues we now can offer the support consumers may need in the future. The number? 0845 147 0017.

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