Add SATA to your Laptop quickly and easily

If you’ve got a new laptop then its most likely going to have a express card slot on it to allow you upgrade the laptop after you’ve purchased it. Express card slots have replaced the old PCMCIA standard and come in two different sizes: 34mm and 54mm. If you’ve got the 54mm slot then any 34mm card will also work.

If you have got an express card slot and want to add SATA capabilities to your laptop then we have a couple of solutions for you. SATA is the new superfast interface and standard that gives data trasnsfer speeds of up to 3GB per second. Lots of new external data solutions are now using SATA becuase we’re all saving much larger files (movies, games etc) that need to be pushed around at faster speeds.

Apiotek Extreme eSATAII Express Card Adapter Apiotek Extreme eSATAII Express Card Adapter

These cards are manufactured by Apiotek and support PC and MAC.

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