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The Custom USB Process

Friday, November 6th, 2009

Bored with the same old style of USB memory sticks? Then why not consider a customised USB Branded Memory stick. They can be produced in any shape or design which is totally unique to you.

The introduction of new tooling machines has resulted in greater design scope and a dramatic reduction in the set up costs.

So what goes into producing your own Custom USB Memory Stick?

Custom USB Process

•      The first step is to have an idea of what shape or design you would like for your Custom USB. Ideally provide a photo or drawing of what you are after. The better the initial brief the closer the manufacturer will get to meeting your requirement.

•      From your initial idea a 3D virtual mock up would be produced. It will show the size and shape of the Custom USB Memory stick. This is the stage to make as many changes as you require, as no tooling has yet been produced.

•      Once the 3D drawing has been agreed, moulding tools are manufactured. These are the same tools that will make the final production run, so you can be sure that the sample will be an exact replica of the Custom USB Memory stick you are after.

Custom USB Process

•      Silicon is mixed with selected colourings and poured into the mould. This is then baked in industrial ovens to set the silicon.

•      The moulding for the Custom USB will normally come in two separate parts that are stuck together with the USB components sandwiched between them.

•      The excess PVC is trimmed and any additional colours added my hand.

•      The sample is complete! This is your chance to ensure it’s what you expected. Ideally you would need to see the physical sample as the tactile nature of the Custom USB is just as important as the aesthetics.

Custom USB Process

•      Once the sample is approved the same process as above is undertaken for the full production run.

Due to the labour intensive process the typical leadtime is 3-4 weeks.

If you want to explore the art of the possible, simply email your ideas to and we shall produce a 3d mock up free of charge and without any commitment.

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