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Gaming Gear – That Competitors Edge!

Thursday, August 13th, 2009

What’s more important… Being fragged or doing the fragging? It’s an obvious one but more often the not the “Guy that just killed you” has some serious hardware his end. I don’t just mean what he’s got under the bonnet, I mean what makes him good is his choice of Keyboard, Mouse & Mouse Mat. No, I’m not kidding you! You can ask any PC gamer hardware it’s key here. A decent amount of processor speed is the difference between missing and getting a decent headshot, the same can be applied to your Mouse & Keyboard. After all, it’s impossible to play PC Games with an underachieving PC.

We’ve put together a dedicated Gaming Gear category on USBNow, that’s because some of us in our building are gamers and believe in providing gamers with innovative products that will give you that competitors edge.

Razer Death Adder

A Mighty Mouse.
So, what you should do is carefully choose your Mouse… Does it fit conforably in your hand? Does it stick? Is it lightweight? Are the mouse buttons rewarding enough? More to the point, is it accurate? The Death Adder… Available in blue. Green or Red available as the Razer Copperhead!

Razer Arctosa

Keyboards are particularly important, especially where actual key placement is involved. They should be confortable on the wrists too! The Razer Arctosa gents!

A4 Tech X7-700MP Precision Gaming Mouse Pad

Mouse Mats.
This has to compliment your mouse perfectly. It has to make your mouse slide with ease with stopping distances comparable to a Bugatti Veyron! We have just that! The A4 Tech X7-700MP Precision.

Razer Piranha Gaming Communicator

Don’t forget, yes your 5.1 speakers are great but without the correct headset, you’ll never truly know how much difference it can make to your gaming experience. Wearing a headset gives you a sense of being directly in the action. The majority of our headsets have ingetrated microphones allowing you to communicate with your team mates. The Razer Piranha Gaming Communicator.

Time to get up to speed! :)

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